Speculation[edit | edit source]

It is possible that Dougal is much more than he initially seems. At several points in the tales his insight is not only unexpected but plot-critical; equally, very rarely, his façade drops and he reverts to “modern” terminology. Finally, and perhaps most mysteriously, when Aiken Drum meets him as King, Dougal shows an extreme, unprovoked reaction to his presence that hints at something unrevealed. Aiken asks whether Douagl’s madness is what prevents him from reading his mind. “Perhaps,” replies Dougal, “Or there could be another reason.”

The blueness of Dougal’s eyes hint at a connection to the mysterious Lylmik of the future most of whom manifest with deep blue eyes and only the leader of which has grey eyes. Dougal is a companion and a protector for much of the time to Tony Wayland, whose expertise is critical for Aiken’s plans in the final chapters of the Pliocene novels.

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