Kieran O'Connor, born 1944 on Earth was one of the first fully operant humans born. A powerful coercer, he was also intelligent and ruthless and accomplished a career that took him from a graduate lawyer, through increasingly powerful positions in the American Mafia, to an international corporate titan.

He was able to use both his financial and metapsychic abilities to influence American politics, looking to stymie intellectual and social acceptance of operancy in order to preserve his unique position of power. He also recruited other operants to strength his power-base, using a sadistic form of mental assault he called "bonding" to neutralize their resistance - and murdered those who were able to successfully resist him.

Kieran's long-term goal was one of total devastation of the planet through his control of an orbital weapons system, Zap-Star, in adherence with a dark religious belief he held. He perished from aggressive testicular cancer he was unable to treat with his Redactive abilities, on the night of Intervention in 2013. He had handed over a vast swathe of his corporate power, as well as control of Zap-Star, to another powerful villain he was allied with in the hopes that his twisted scheme would be accomplished - Victor Remillard.

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