The Lylmik are an ancient, pseudo-corporeal race that is more sensed than perceived. They have a mysterious role in guiding other advanced civilizations in the form of a small group called "Supervisors". Many legends of their origins exist among the other coadunate races, but the Lylmik confirm nothing. They are capable of "wearing" corporeal bodies, but it is not clear how this is accomplished. Presumably, they can use their creative and other metafunctions to assemble and present a form.

The Lylmik are the oldest coadunate race, originated the Galactic Milieu, and proctored the Krondaku (second most ancient Milieu race after the Lylmik)[1] into Unity. As such, their past is beyond the recollection of the any of the other races within the Milieu. Poltroyan legend purports that the Lylmik home-star Noydt, was a dying red giant which the Lylmik infused with fresh hydrogen. Krondak folklore suggest that the Lylmik are survivors from before the Big Bang, while the Gi believe them to be angels from the Cosmic All.[2]

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