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  • Hi Fandyllic, hope you're well! I've just finished Magnificat for about the umpteenth time and wondered if you could indulge me with your theories. Mental Man - the real risk. A lot of Cyndia's motivations when she tries to sterilize Marc are a little lost on me. I suspect she was very worried that his backup plan for Mental Man was to create a second generation of MM from Cloud and Hagen, and subject them to the various awful treatments to encourage the Jackforming. Is that all, or have I missed something? Many Thanks! Tim.

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    • Hmmm.. off the top of my head, the biggest dangers of Marc are his tremendous combination of metafaculties combined with his self-rejuvenation. He is practically a god in that sense. Imagine an army of Marcs. Perhaps Cyndia's fear was the combination of Marc and any of his children. With him knowing his own potential, the desire to pursue MM would be overwhelming. However, from that perspective his motivation to do drastic experiments on his kids seems more likely without the added boost of his own germ plasm. So it is puzzling. Still, without his germ plasm, the MM project was far less likely to succeed. The biggest problem may be that Cyndia wasn't a very developed character.

      I can't speculate very well, because I read the Galactic Milieu Series rather quickly and only patiently read Intervention.

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