Metapsychic powers (or "metapsychic abilities"), also known as "metafaculties" or "metafunctions", are characterized as extraordinary and special mental or metapsychic abilities with effects beyond normal mental abilities or even Intellectual giftedness (eidetic memory, mental calculator, perfect pitch, etc.) usually characterized by the ability to effect change outside the person with the mental ability.

Dimensional associations Edit

Effect types Edit

  • Creation - able to manipulate energy and light with adepts able to use it to also alter states of matter
  • Redaction - neurological alteration and metapsychic healing
  • Coercion - manipulation of voluntary responses such as muscle movement and sometimes psychological motivations
  • Psychokinesis - remote movement (kinetic force manipulation) of matter
  • Farsense - remote sense projection and metapsychic communication
    • Almost all metapsychics have some level of farsense in terms of receiving metapsychic communication

Undetermined effect types Edit

Coordinated effects Edit

Colors Edit

For those with tuned farsense, the use of various metapsychic powers radiates a particular color or metapsychic aura:

  • Creation: limpid tourmaline blue to vivid emerald green.
  • Redaction: dark orange to scarlet red.
  • Coercion: sapphire blue to shining cyan.
  • Psychokinesis: glowing peach to sun-gold yellow.
  • Farsense: bright violet to dark magenta purple.

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