Operant can have several meanings:

  • A type of metapsychic practitioner is a being able to access their metafunctions without needing any external assistance or device amplification (like a torc) and have voluntary control of their use. This state is opposed to latent where abilities may have residual manifestation, but are not voluntarily controlled.
  • Metapsychic powers which are available for conscious, controlled use by a person.

Operancy is a just the state of not being latent.

Characteristic of persons Edit

Basically, one is considered operant if they have metapsychic abilities and can consciously use them. In the Pliocene epoch, the Firvulag were naturally operant. They did not require torcs or other mechanical assistance to be able to use their psychic powers.

Operant humans in the Galactic Milieu are not allowed to enter Exile, so most humans in the Pliocene are latent at most. The few who are operant are sometimes categorized using terms from the Milieu.

Characteristics of powers Edit

Categories of operant powers include master class (a well above standard amount of metapsychic powers), the grand master class adepts (large amounts of metapsychic abilities, like Elizabeth), and the Paramount grand masters (enormous amounts of metapsychic power, including Marc Remillard, Aiken Drum, and Felice Landry). Individuals generally have different levels of ability in the various classes of metapsychic powers. For instance, Felice Landry is Paramount in creation but only roughly masterclass in redaction.

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