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Rogatien Remillard (often referred to affectionately as "Uncle Rogi") is the brother to Donatien Remillard, uncle to Denis Remillard, and the oldest surviving member of the Remillard family thanks to the self-rejuvenating Remillard gene. He has been present at, and had a notable involvement in, almost every major event in the metapsychic history of Humanity - from assisting in the earliest training of Denis, the birth of metapsychic study, Intervention, the Metapsychic Rebellion of 2083 and beyond.

In the Autumn of 1990, Rogi moved to Hanover, New Hampshire and opened the bookshop he is still operating as of 2113, The Eloquent Page.


Rogi and his twin brother Donatien were born to Adéle and Joseph Remillard in August 1945, in Berlin, NH. Joseph was a soldier killed in action in World War Two, and Adéle passed away after childbirth, leaving the boys to be raised by Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Lois.

The brothers were the first generation of the Remillard family to display the 'supravital genetic traits for high metafunction'[1] that would lead to the family dynasty producing some of the most powerful and influential operants in humanity and in the wider Galactic Milieu.

Rogi and Doni's powers first manifest as young children from the age of 5, beginning with the ability to Farsense and far speak, followed by modest strengths in Coercion, Redaction and Psychokinesis. Rogi in particular was able to strength his mental defences to a high degree, even by the standards of formally trained operants.

When Rogi was 16, he contracted the viral infection mumps and suffered a rare complication which he would learn later in life had rendered him infertile. In 1966, Donatien married[2] Marie-Madeleine Fabre who had been a previous girlfriend of Rogi's. Resenting this, and believing Doni had coerced Marie-Madeleine - nicknamed 'Sunny' - Rogi planned to murder his brother the night before the wedding. The Family Ghost intervened, preventing this and explaining that Rogi was sterile and the responsibility for passing on the powerful Remillard genes would fall to his brother - but that Rogi would need to be the mentor to his nephew.


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