The Tanu (also known as the Exalted Ones) are an extremely tall, slim, and beautiful[1] dimorphic sub-race along with the Firvulag from the Duat galaxy. They lived in large cities across southwest Pliocene Europe and tend to have fair hair and green or blue eyes. Their latent metapsychic abilities, once brought to operancy by the Torcs, are on average stronger than the operant abilities of the Firvulag; however, the Firvulag outnumber the Tanu considerably, which for a long while meant that there was a balance between the two races.

In the forty years before the start of the first book in the series, however, the Tanu have claimed ascendancy. Their use of humans to assist their reproductive capacity means that their numbers are rising, albeit with Tanu/human hybrids rather than true Tanu. This gives them an advantage in the Grand Combat (the annual ritual war between Tanu and Firvulag), since their human subjects and "half-breeds" fight on their side. The Tanu have won the Combat without fail for the past forty years, because of their use of grey-torc humans [see below] to fight the Firvulag, and other human innovations, such as the use of horse-like chalicotheres (known as 'chalikos') as riding animals (which gives the Tanu cavalry that the Firvulag lack).

The traditional hosting site of the Tanu is the White Silver Plain.

The Tanu are called the Foe by the Firvulag and vice versa.


First Comers

Main article: First Comer

Those who arrived first to Earth from the Duat galaxy on The Ship.


* High Table member
** Former High Table member


* High Table member
** Former High Table member


  1. By European standards, most likely.
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