Many-Colored Wiki
Many-Colored Wiki

Places a standardized external link on a wiki page.

prefix= (Optional) prefix text before the icon.
type= (Optional) With correct name, automatically fills in '|icon=' and '|site='.
Supported types
amazon Icon-amazon-22x22.png
barnesandnoble Icon-barnesandnoble-22x22.png Barnes & Noble
googlebooks Icon-google-22x22.png Google Books
icon= (Optional) Icon name to show a specific icon before link that also works.
Supported icons
archive Icon-archive-22x22.png
amazon Icon-amazon-22x22.png
barnesandnoble Icon-barnesandnoble-22x22.png
apple Icon-apple-22x22.png
facebook Icon-facebook-22x22.png
google or googlebooks Icon-google-22x22.png
twitter Icon-twitter-22x22.png
wikia Icon-wikia-22x22.png
wikipedia Icon-wikipedia-22x22.png
wiktionary Icon-wiktionary-22x22.png
youtube Icon-youtube-22x22.png
site= Simple name for the site, used as the link text.
link= URL to link to.
     url= (Optional) Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
desc= (Optional) description of what can be found at the link, placed after the link in plain text.
     title= (Optional) Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
bydate= (Optional) appears after the description in 90% of font-size (smaller).